The Secretary-General of the World Islamic Panel of Lawyers, Dr. Khaled al-Touyan, said that the conference, organized by the Commission in Istanbul, entitled (International Law and its Applications for the promotion of legality and the restitution of rights in Yemen), comes within the framework of cooperation with the Yemeni people and its support for the restoration of its legitimacy And the rights looted and to uphold his just cause and the right to enjoy security, prosperity and stability. The conference was aimed at internationally publicizing the Yemeni issue, examining it from a legal perspective and indicating the reality of the conflict in Yemen, as well as the monitoring, legal and informational documentation of violations of the Houthi militias and their supporters, and the movement of international mechanisms to protect the Yemeni people The holding of war criminals and criminals against humanity by the leaders and militias of Houthi and the deposed Saleh and their loyalists. The Conference was working to prepare a legal system to recover the looted Yemeni funds at home and abroad, and to outline the legal frameworks for the “Storm of firmness” and its importance for promoting legality and restoring security and stability in Yemen, he said. The conference comes at a time when the al-Houthi-Saleh coalition continues to kill, displace and prosecute Yemenis and destroy their homes and the bombing of their mosques and the imposition of a suffocating siege on towns and villages that reject their crimes and the use of human shields by journalists and politicians and their detention in warehouses Weapon.
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