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The Secretary-General of the International Islamic Lawyers Association, Dr. Khalid Al-Tuwaiyan, participated in the 30th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva to discuss the human rights situation in the world. This session is gaining great important As the Arab region is witnessing systematic conflicts and terrorist acts by armed groups, terrorist militias and supporters, and the continuing violations by the Israeli occupying forces against the Palestinian people. During the work of the Human Rights Council, Dr. Al-Tuwayan and the accompanying delegation present several issues relating to human rights issues in the Arab and Muslim world, particularly the violations against the Syrian people and the actions of the Houthi and Saleh militias against the Yemeni people and Muslim minority issues around the world. Through its participation in the work of the thirtieth session of the Human Rights Council, the International Islamic Advocacy Council seeks to be the voice of justice and the language of all persecuted oppressed by conveying the truth and responding to false allegations and misdeeds practiced by some with the aim of harming the security of the Arab region By highlighting the crimes of terrorist groups and organizations and the States that finance them and restoring human rights to its natural course, which defeats the victim and does not allow impunity for the offender. It also participates in many legal and legal activities and seminars to promote human rights and ways to support and support the oppressed, as well as visit many international human rights organizations and institutions and conclude partnership and cooperation agreements to serve the protection of human rights and the triumph of the values ​​of justice and peace. http://www.shamsnews.net/news/get_news_det/3/13605.html
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