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This article by lawyer d. Khalid bin Saleh Al-Tuwayan, Secretary-General of the International Islamic Lawyers Association. The views expressed below reflect his views and do not necessarily reflect the views of CNN. US Secretary of State, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, awarded the George Tenet Medal for outstanding intelligence work in the field of combating terrorism, And its recognition of His Highness’s unlimited contribution to international peace and security. The timing coincided with a response to the allegations made against the Kingdom and its commendation at the same time for its efforts and tangible results locally, regionally and internationally, and foiling operations in several countries, including the United States of America, in addition to this medal is a statement of proof from the United States of America to deepen the strong relationship between them and its ally, Saudi Arabia and the Union of Vision and Strategy, while contributing to international stability. If the experts and specialists in the various fields see the implications of this event, as an estimate of a man of great security achievements, it is worth considering this event in its international legal framework, in an attempt to link this estimated medal by the CIA and the controversial American law Justa (JASTA). It is well known that the US Congress violated the diplomatic and legal norms when it began to amend the immunity law for foreign sovereign states on the application of the so-called “justice against the sponsors of terrorism”. Despite the divergence of the positions of States with regard to this law, The world, and even the United States itself if countries were to reciprocate. If the logical objective view confirms that it can not meet two anthems at the same time, Justa has the basis of the accusation of terrorism without specifying a point, while the medal came from George Tenet of the CIA to say: Saudi Arabia specifically not only against terrorism, But of warriors, not only fought on its territory, but it helped to fight and thwart operations in many countries. It was remarkable that Iran and its institutions and its media and political extensions to exploit this law inflated in the fire and celebrate that the concerned is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this is only a political harassment of the occupation of States as a source of terrorism, as well as being aggressive statements of the repressive regime is the last of the right He has the finger pointing to the kingdom. Despite the fact that he did not address the mention of certain countries, and reserved by most of the world, and the new US administration to suspend him, but it is worth mentioning that this medal, which was attended by the director of the CIA to Riyadh in person to provide the symbol of security Mohammed bin Nayef is in fact That Saudi Arabia is innocent of all terrorism charges promoted by some. It is one of the first countries to initiate and contribute to coordination mechanisms with allied States and international actors in order to serve the international effort to combat terrorism and to maintain international peace and security. In order not to persist in the Iranian government’s fabrications, the terrorism it has adopted as a sectarian state since the Khomeinist revolution began through its institutions, militias and agents does not require much research and reasoning. Once the terrorist bombings in the countries are reviewed, the mullahs of Iran are clear and conspicuous. And the harboring of a number of the perpetrators of the attacks, which refuses to be handed over internationally, and the link of Iranian agents to terrorist attacks in Europe and South America is a drop of sea facts against them according to global evidence, and do not forget the Lebanese militia (Hezbollah) Lori Iran, carried out genocide against the Syrians, as Iran’s regime defends the actions of terrorists and justify their actions, and is considered a partner for them in their crimes, and bears full responsibility for his policy of inflammatory and escalating and we are not far from the chaos brought about in Yemen through proxy militias. It does not refer to the constitution of a state condemned by international law, by the United Nations and by many States. This confirms the inclusion of a number of Iranian governmental institutions on the United Nations terrorism list, as well as the provision of safe haven on its territory to a number of al-Qaeda leaders since 2001. Therefore, the countries that accuse the Kingdom of this false claim are hardly rising to reach the balance of countries that have praised the kingdom’s role in combating terrorism at the local and international levels. It has fought locally against prevention and treatment and has condemned and condemned it internationally in international forums, International Conference of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in the month of Safar 1421H corresponding to the month of May 2000, thanks to God first and then thanks to the security strategy developed by the Saudi leadership and was a place of praise and appreciation of the world and international praise.
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