The global economic openness, especially in the Middle East, led by the Saudi Arabian with the 2030 Vision, has created tremendous investment potentials and a qualitative leap for capitalists and investors.

We, at LWB initiative, strive to configure our legal services to accommodate the global economic changes and to open channels for unconventional legal solutions that contribute to the provision of distinguished legal service to the Saudi investor abroad,  the foreign investor in KSA and to the legal entities including local or international companies and institutions operating in KSA, in an easy and reliable manner.

In LWB initiative and through our widespread international legal network in different continents, we dedicate our capabilities to overcome investment challenges around the world, thereby enabling our clients to reach safely to their investment opportunities at the highest quality.

Every investor working in the rapidly growing global financial markets needs robust and effective risk management based on knowledge of global laws and regulations. This is what we offer to the investor in LWB to ensure that the investor achieves his/her investment goals and gets the best result.

We provide legal services to the local and international investors and capitalists through:

  • Provision of an effective legal assessment of the investment environment in various countries, in addition to consultation and information on foreign investment laws.
  • Provide consultancy and information related to residence and work permissions, manpower and concessions provided by the host country to the foreign investor.
  • Provide consultancy and information on finance and banking laws, regulatory compliance and regulations as well as the mechanism of fund import and transfer.
  • Assess legal advantages and disadvantages related to the international investment fields.
  • Representation and finalize all investment-related legal procedures and relevant works, such as buying and renting of real estates, issuing of industrial and commercial licenses, issuing of trade registrations for institutions and companies, their establishment and liquidation, customs issues, and other statutory procedures required by the investor to proceed with the investment.
  • Deal with investment projects in conflict with the law, in addition to offering creative solutions to legal obstacles that disrupt the ongoing investment projects and ensure their recovery through legal means.


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