Real estate market is featured today by innovative financing and inflowing capital. With this boom, we at LWB are keeping abreast of this accelerated growth to provide our clients with an integrated legal service that supports areas and transactions involving the development of land, hotels, commercial and residential real estate. In addition, we provide legal support to real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and construction companies to ensure the legality of real estate activities they undertake, either for operational ownership or investment purposes. In LWB, we have a full background with regard to the legal procedures of the international property, and our international team relies on its expertise to provide legal services covering every phase of real estate transactions, from management, development, investment and financing to dispute settlement. Major legal services we provide to our clients in the real estate sector:
  • Foreign Real Estate Registration.
  • Real estate Planning and Division.
  • Finance, Repayment and title transfer arrangements.
  • Negotiation and drafting of ownership contracts (titles), leases, construction and buildings contracts, and utilization contracts.
  • Provide all legal services related to commercial and residential real estate transactions.
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