Executing of today’s banking transactions in accordance with the world’s leading capital markets standards is what the client aspires for, which constitute another legal challenge.

We at LWB, are committed to maintain our clients’ rights, enhance the legal guarantees appropriate for their financial and banking business, and consider the best legal strategies compatible with the new market reality. Moreover, we provide financial and banking legal services to our clients to enable them to seize the best business and investment opportunities.

We aim to apply our international knowledge and expertise to meet our clients’ needs and facilitate their banking transactions legally wherever they are, while their activities are expanding internationally.

  • Legal services to protect Corporate & Commercial Transactions investmnets:

Our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the business sector enables us to support our clients in the legal and strategic aspects of their trade activities, risk assessment, and identify business opportunities through our international network.

With our specialized national experience and deep understanding of the international legal environment, we can provide legal advice that helps our clients to move in the changing global market, starting from large transnational to small and medium-sized companies. In addition, to our ability to handle effectively various business lawsuits of domestic and international clients and support them to make informed decisions in order to achieve their commercial goals.

Our services at LWB is characterized by providing the most reliable legal advice to a wide range of financial institutions and investors in the private and public sectors on regulatory issues related to commercial transactions.

We provide our clients with an integrated mix of international approach and access to local resources and great ability to move quickly in the market.

Major Legal Services that we provide to protect the business and corporates sector investmnets:

  • Establish, merge and liquidation of companies and register of trade agencies.
  • Commercial Insurance.
  • Commercial representation and organization of business activities.
  • Commercial mediation.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Receiverships.
  • International Commercial Arbitrations.
  • Intellectual property rights and trademark publication.
  • Banking issues and the stock market.
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