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In preparation for the legal investment symposium, which the Swiss Embassy intends to hold in cooperation with the office of Dr. Khalid Al-Tuwaiyan International Law Firm on the opportunities and investment horizons of the business community of businessmen & businesswomen in Saudi Arabia. Al-Tuwaiyan received a special invitation from Mr.Henrique Schellenberg, The Ambassador at the Swiss Embassy in Riyadh. On the basis of the investment legal specialization of Al-Tuwaiyan International Law and Consultancy, the meeting focused on the topics of the legal investment symposium will be held at the headquarters of the Swiss Embassy, ​​which aims to enhance the concept of legal protection for the Saudi or foreign investors, and the Business and investors in the two countries in light of the distinguished bilateral relations that the Swiss Confederation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Emphasis was placed on the legal protections for foreign investors in both countries and the possibility of introducing new investment channels on modern technology in the Gulf region. Al-Tuwaiyn expressed his appreciation for the invitation his initiative in the field of supporting Swiss Companies to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as his efforts in terms of customs and tax areas to remove obstacles to investors. The meeting was an interpreter representing the international legal base of the Lawyer’s Office. It has international cooperation agreements and representation in nearly 40 countries around the world with leading international law firms and offices that serve investors and their legal support in their investment and commercial projects. http://www.alweeam.com.sa/497735/
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