The issue of the Muslim minority in the State of Myanmar has been one of the most painful issues of the modern era. The state organs of the state against some of its citizens who represent a minority of the world’s minorities have been subjected to the worst forms of injustice. The pace of murder, displacement and persecution is so calm that it can be attacked and escalated again. In this way, over the course of seventy years, Muslims in Myanmar have suffered and continue to suffer various forms of injustice and suffering. There is no difference in the fact that the murder in Myanmar is practiced on the basis of Islamic identity, and this entire campaign led by extremist Buddhist groups with the help and complicity of the Myanmar army against unarmed civilians only because they are Muslims. Ethnic cleansing, burning and eviction of Muslim villages and practices of various kinds of persecution and humiliation continue. Openly and in full view of all countries of the world. The issue of the Muslim minority in Myanmar has always been one of the priorities of the issues of concern to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, as it has done in the service of Muslim causes, the Kingdom has initiated the official and popular level in support of this oppressed and oppressed community. In contrast to the Kingdom’s ongoing material and moral support for the Muslims of Myanmar, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also sought at the international level to include this issue in the agenda of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and has exercised diplomatic action to put pressure on the Government of Myanmar to The diplomatic relations opened by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the State of Myanmar were not for the exchange of economic or investment interests or towards them, but were in order to reach the oppressed Muslims in this country and their relief . The Burmese community (Myanmar Muslims) in Saudi Arabia enjoys special treatment from the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the embrace of Mecca for many of the activities and organizations that serve this important issue. In 2012, the International Islamic Association of Lawyers of the Association of the Islamic World held an important and unique conference because it brought together the various organizations and associations of the Muslims of Myanmar which are working to serve this issue. This conference resulted in the signing of an agreement between the representatives of these organizations with ( Arakan Rohingya Union). For the first time, the efforts of these organizations have been combined and consolidated under an agreement established for joint action. We have been honored to sponsor this Convention and it was one of the most important outputs of this conference. The conference was attended by a wide range of experts in the field of human rights, international humanitarian law, And former ministers and politicians. The Conference was an important turning point in the issue of the Muslims of Myanmar as it was the first specialized conference to address the issue of legal and humanitarian aspects, and all the ethnic, religious and political groups agreed to condemn the Government of Myanmar for committing crimes that violate the rules of international law and international norms. To immediately press the Government of Myanmar to take the necessary measures to stop the killings, displacements and genocide practiced against the Rohingya minority in the State of Myanmar and to apply the principle of humanitarian intervention in Myanmar in order to save the life of the Rohingya minority and And to assist and support Rohingyas citizens from returning and stay in their homeland and enjoy the right of citizenship and stop their displacement to various countries of the world. The Conference also called upon the OIC Member States to move diplomatically by pressing the Government of Myanmar to stop the violations against the Muslim minority on its territory, And called on the countries bordering Myanmar to intensify relief efforts and humanitarian work of the Rohingya, and stressed the importance of taking the necessary measures at all political, media and legal levels to force tuberculosis Myanmar data on the need to achieve justice and to stop violations and restoring the rights of citizenship to the people of the Rohingya. The conference is characterized by recommendations that include the need to prosecute the perpetrators of crimes against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, to establish an observatory to document crimes and violations, to collect information, evidence and documents relating to these violations as a reference for all international, legal and media bodies interested in this issue. , And these cases, if found sufficient support would have been a real difference and a very important point in the course of the Muslim minority in Myanmar as a means of pressure on the important government and the trump card for this issue along with the rest of the recommendation Which came out of the conference. Despite the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the official level (internationally and internally) and at the grassroots level, the efforts of all States and regional and international organizations must be combined from the humanitarian duty dictated by the just and good conscience of injustice and tyranny. Refugees from the hell of murder and violence to the relief of refugees and the establishment of camps and the provision of medical and food aid and taking into account the difficult conditions expressed by these oppressors, and facilitate the introduction of relief materials, especially the State of Bangladesh, which was not Pal And have prevented refugees from the Rakhine State (Arakan) in north-western Myanmar from crossing into and surrounded Bangladesh, although the crossing itself is a high risk of refugees being exploited, tortured and killed by smugglers. Amnesty International (FAO Refugee Affairs) said that daily physical abuse
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