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What is the urgent need that led you to establish a global Islamic body for lawyers? The need for such a project has emerged in response to the recommendation of the 7th Makkah Conference to establish an advisory body of specialists in international laws and regulations working within the framework of the Muslim World League to follow up the legal abuses and to identify legal means to prevent them, including bringing lawsuits against anyone who abuses religion And the growing growth of Islamic financial institutions, and the increasing demand for investment in them, which created an urgent need to provide support and assistance to them with regard to the rights and legal aspects; because The realization of the nature of the work of Islamic financial institutions, which are based in their dealings with Islamic law, contributed to the emergence of certain disputes and legal disputes, the expansion of the volume of trade between the countries of the world, the global trend towards the capitalist system and globalization, created an urgent need to unify the efforts of lawyers and Muslim jurists Islamic legislation, and to present it as legislation to be used in various transactions and global activities What role should the body play? The Authority aims to establish an Islamic gathering for those interested in the field of law, legislation and regulations. Its membership is for those who have a legal license in their country, and to enhance cooperation, mutual understanding among Muslim lawyers, standardization of directives and the general objectives of lawyers and specialists in the field of systems to serve their religion, The development of skills and information of Muslim lawyers in all legal and scientific developments, the promotion of debate and dialogue between legislations in Islamic countries, the promotion of cooperation between centers, arbitral tribunals, law firms in Islamic countries and other countries, the preparation of studies, research and The publications house, specialized publications in the field of law and regulations, and the exchange of information related to law and regulations among those interested in Islamic countries on the one hand and between them and similar bodies in non-Muslim countries on the other hand, and assisting Islamic countries in preparing and developing their arbitration and law legislation, Islamic model laws in various fields, and instituting legal proceedings against anyone who offends the Islamic religion or other heavenly religions before the competent courts of the abuser country, as well as before international courts. Are there no bodies that play a role similar to the role of the International Islamic Lawyers Association? The establishment of this body initially was not for the purpose of competing with any other bodies, but was aimed at forming a body of lawyers and jurists at the highest levels who hold glory on both sides. They are aware of the Muslim environment, its concerns, its culture, its laws and how to form relations between its members, On the other hand, they have knowledge of rules, laws, charters and international norms for the purpose of defending Islam and Muslims, protecting the rights of Islamic societies and individuals from attacking them, in addition to supporting the oppressed, whatever beliefs, That would exercise this role Our body will you support Will the Commission specialize in defending issues of an Islamic nature only? The establishment of this body came first after we saw the temptation of others to the interests of the Islamic nation, countries, people and individuals. The other nations felt that the rights of Muslims were permissible, so they facilitated the abuse of them and the theft of their rights. In addition, In which the Islamic nation sees people and individuals as a sanctuary to defend its interests, push injustice against it, and demonstrate its true Islamic culture and ethics based on the Islamic Shari’a law which is the source of justice and supporting the oppressor against the oppressed regardless of his faith or faith. It is dominated by Muslim rulers and judges throughout Islamic history Are not you afraid of sticking the world-wide charge to all that is Islamic, terrorism? This body, as we have seen previously, has been aware since its establishment that it can fight the enemies of the Islamic Ummah by various means, including that it is described as terrorism, since this description has been cursed by the enemies of Islam, and they call it without understanding or awareness of the meaning of this word for no reason But in order to fight the Islamic Ummah and stop its progress and prosperity. In this regard, we will work hard to push the injustice of the Islamic Ummah people and individuals. We will stand by all international forums to defend them. Is prosecution of Islam is considered a role of the body? One of the most important roles of the Commission is to find a legal haven to push the injustice of the Islamic Ummah, and support the Islamic religion, and that any attack on this doctrine is an attack on all those who embrace the Muslims, and therefore the Commission will work to find legal mechanisms to prosecute anyone who begs himself Assault On the Islamic religion, and the oppression of Muslims so as not to be complacent of the enemies of this nation in the attack or expose injustice The abuse of the Apostle can not be done with dignity And what about the cartoons, and the films that insult the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? Before we answer this question, we are of the opinion that what is stated in these cartoons does not, in any way, harm the noble Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) or get away from his high position, which walks in his character from all these trifles, Who sent mercy to the worlds to bring them out of the darkness to light, but we, as an Islamic body of lawyers, will work hard to find legal mechanisms for the purposes of recourse to every person, body, or even a state trying to attack this
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