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Agriculture investmnet is considered as one of the busnieeses that support comprehnisve development plans, and achieiving the stategic, economic and development goals of each state, where opportunities will be available for local and foreign investors to participate and encourage local and international agriculture investmnet.

We at (LWB) provide all legal services, based on planning and implementing of agricutlure projects, and to face and overcome all regulatory, funding and investmnet obstacles that face the agriculture investor.

Major Legal Services that we provide to protect local and international investmnets:

– issuing perminant and temporary agriculture licenses, and processing of documentation and labor procedures.

– processing customs legal procedures, related to registartion of the import of agriculture machinery and equipment.

– registartion of agriculture land, and processing of governmnet contractual requirements

– legal assessmnt to the agriculture projects and investment risks.

 – works related to agriculture insurance; for both crops and livestock.

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